Backing up

On the Main WineBar... this button to Backup your data files or you can use the File - Backup Data Files menus.

Backup copies your data files to a USB drive

This is designed with a USB stick in mind. One that plugs directly into a spare USB port on your computer and therefore usually becomes Drive E: or F: but it will look as far as Drive T:.

WineBase will ask Windows where the first removable drive is assuming it's a USB one and backup the files there. Sometimes this can go wrong though with Windows reporting drives that aren't really there.

To fix this open Windows Explorer, right click on Computer and select Manage from the menu. Select Disk Management in the Storage section and then select the dubious disk in question from the list of all disks. Right click on it and select Remove to get rid of the empty assigned drive letter.

You should Backup your data files on a regular basis and not just via this method. The best backup is to copy the entire c:\WineBase32 folder to a USB stick or burn to a CD and your computer includes software for doing this.

Files Saved

The main Data Files for "Your Cellar", including Comments, Tasting Schedule, Attached Text files, Transaction files, wine label images, HTML files as well as program settings.

These have file extensions of .DTA, .BMP, .HTM ,.PAU, .TXT and .WBD

The folder structure is the same as the programs...

— Labels
— TextFile
— WebPublish

Restoring backed up files

There's no push a button restore function but if you ever do need to restore your data it's as simple as firing up Windows Explorer. Copy the files from each of the folders on the USB drive back into the same folders on your computers hard disk where WineBase is installed.