Use the File - Import / Export - Export to CSV file / Import from CSV file menus.


This CSV file is a raw data dump of your main data files in the order that the wines were entered. You can edit this file but if you then sort it and are planning to re-import it back into WineBase you must resort it back to the same order as it was created in. To allow this the last entry is a numerical sequential wine number, starting at 1.

With that in mind you can use this to export your WineBase data, make changes to it and Import it back into WineBase.

It could also be used to import a existing wine database into WineBase. You will have to format the file to match what WineBase expects. Easiest way to see the required format is to Export the Sample Cellar and use that as a template.

The Exported file is called WineBase.CSV and is placed in the C:\WineBase32 folder.

Something far more useful

This raw data dump has been retained because some people find it useful but a far better option, but not one that can be used for re-importing the data back into WineBase is the Export from an Index Listing option.

This also allows CSV output but from an Index Listing which may be all the wines in your cellar or the results of a search, sorted how you want to see it and can include as many or as few fields as you like.

This is very useful if you wish to use your WineBase data in another application such as portable device such as a tablet, phone or iThingy as a small CSV file can be used by just about any application.

Exporting the CSV File

Select Import / Export from the File menu and then select Export to CSV file

WineBase will tell you when the file has been created and it can be found at C:\WineBase32\WineBase.CSV

Importing the CSV File

Select Import / Export from the File menu and then select Import from CSV file


Datafile backup

Before the program Exports and more importantly Imports a CSV file it will backup your main data files to the C:\WineBase32\Backup\DDMMYYY.HHMM folder. Where D = Day, M = Month, Y = Year, H = Hour and M = Min.