Creating a Web Site of your Cellar

As well as being able to export an Index Listing (the results of any search) as HTML in a table format that a web browser can use you can create a "Web Site". This includes an Index page and individual pages for each wine. You can view this as a local file on your browser on your computer or if you have web site hosting, upload the files there and view via the internet, anywhere.

On the Index Listing WineBar... the button or you can use the Export - Web Publish... menus.

Selecting what to display

If you're planning on putting these pages on the internet for eveybody to see then you might not want to show some information such as your Name or other fields or files. Just unselect by removing the Tic next to whatever you don't want to include.


The purpose of this is to create a set of web pages and an index that will be used elsewhere. Whilst you can save the main index page by different names the individual wine pages will always start at 10001001.htm and as such will be reused each time you create a set of pages. If you wish to use a set of pages and it's index you should copy them to the desired destination before creating another set of pages.

Sample pages

Exported text files are placed in c:\WineBase32\WebPublish and this is what an Index and an individual wine page looks like...