Perth, Western Australia
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G'day from WA, my name is Gerry Prewett and I live in the northern Perth suburb of Joondalup (or south Geraldton as many locals would have you believe). My experience of tasting and writing about wine is confined to two areas , Australia for wine and the Internet for a medium. Until I emigrated to Perth from Bristol in the UK in 1990 my experience of wine tasting had been confined to a few French holidays and the usual Poms tipple ie. Liebfraumilch and Mateus Rose.

Finding all these wineries on my doorstep in the Swan Valley I decided that an interest in wine might be easily followed. Once I'd started tasting and then making notes of what I tasted the next obvious step seemed to be to give the wines marks, to remember which ones I'd really liked and which ones were maybe so so {of course all Aussie wines are wonderful :-)}.

Through my work at Edith Cowan University I've had access to the Internet for a long time. I started reading the "" newsgroup and posted some of my notes there. The response was, much to my surprise, very positive. The next step was to start up a newsgroup, Ozwine (for Aussie and Kiwi wines). I was stunned by the takeup in subscribers.

It was about the same time that I came across Ken Tripp's excellent WineBase for Windows, I was knocked out by the quality of Ken's program. For months afterwards I bored people senseless telling them about this fantastic program for managing their cellar. Well just like Topsy Ozwine and WineBase "jus' growed an' growed" only WineBase grew in a more orderly fashion than Ozwine.

In mid 1996 Edith Cowan Uni took the decision to dump Ozwine from it's site, I was fortunate to find that Marcus Schnell jumped to the breach and you can now join the Ozwine mailing list by sending a message to with the message "subscribe ozwine" in the BODY of the message. You can post to the group (once you've subscribed) by sending your messages to

Why not join the list and read my monthly tasting notes and let me know just how little I really know about Aussie wine!

For anyone who wishes to contact me, here are the details;
Phone (Home)(09) 300 2402
(Work)(09) 273 8758

Perth Sheraton Wine Awards
White, Dry Light Bodied, Floral
GoldBrookland Valley Sauvignon Blanc 1994Plantagenet Riesling 1996
SilverCapel Vale Riesling 1991Chatsfield Riesling 1996
White, Dry Light Bodied, Non-Floral
GoldHoughton Chenin Blanc Tokay 1987Chestnut Grove Verdelho 1996
SilverRibbon Vale Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 1994Evans & Tate Sauvignon Blanc 1996
White, Dry Full Bodied, Wooded
GoldVoyager Estate Chardonnay 1993Brookland Valley Chardonnay 1995
SilverCapel Vale Chardonnay 1994Devils Lair Chardonnay 1995
White, Dry Full Bodied, Non-Wooded
GoldNo AwardSalitage Chardonnay 1996
SilverPaul Conti Chardonnay 1994Woody Nook Semillon Sauvignon Blanc Chardonnay 1996
White, Sweet Table Wine
GoldNo AwardNo Award
SilverNesci Chittering Valley, Muscat 1992Paul Conti Late-Picked Muscat 1996
Red, Light Bodied
GoldWignalls Pinot Noir 1993No Award
SilverPlantaganet Pinot Noir 1993Capel Vale Pinot Noir 1996
Red, Medium Bodied
GoldVasse Felix Shiraz 1993Gralyn Cellars Shiraz 1995
SilverCapel Vale Shiraz 1993Baldivis Estate Cabernet Merlot 1995
Red, Full Bodied
GoldFermoy Cabernet 1991Plantagenet Cabernet Sauvignon 1994
SilverVasse Felix Cabernet Sauvignon 1991Redgate Cabernet Franc 1995
GoldHoughton Tokay Verdelho 15 Years OldSandalford Blend Non Vintage
SilverHoughton Shiraz 10 years OldHoughton Shiraz 15 years Old
White or Red Sparkling Wine
GoldNo AwardNo Award
SilverPlantaganet Chardonnay Pinot Noir 1990No Award