WineBase has always supported the use of barcodes. It's just that it's not that obvious because there isn't a "Barcode" or "Neck Tag Number" field in the Main Edit Dialog that's used to Add a new wine or Edit it's details. I treat Barcodes just like any other form of text search because they are after all just a number. For this reason the Barcode number goes in the Comments file for a wine.

The Comments file is a separate, but attached file with eight lines of up to fifty characters. You can store a lot of additional useful information in this file to identify a wine and that includes a Barcode. Or if you have several bottles of the same wine but each has an individual "Neck Tag Number" on it then you can store them all in this file.

First a few things about Barcodes...

1. A barcode is just a series of vertical lines that can be scanned to produce a number. Other than that number there is no data in a barcode and certainly no product description because a barcode is designed for inventory/stock control and point of sale applications and needs to be linked to a constantly updated database. The database is queried for that number and a product description is the result.

2. Every unique product should have it's own barcode number, however this sometimes doesn't apply to wine as more often than not the same number is used on every vintage of a particular wine. So it doesn't matter if you have a 2003 Acme Reserve Shiraz or a 2007 Acme Reserve Shiraz because the barcode on both labels may well be the same.

Adding Barcodes

First you need a USB Barcode scanner that emulates keyboard input which I think is all of them. You then need to, if required, tell it to add a Return (Carriage return/Enter key) to the end of the number when you click the scan trigger.

Then go to the Preferences and Program Settings dialog via the Main WineBar... cicking this button or you can use the Options - Preferences menus.
And make sure there's a Tic next to From Main Edit in the Attached Files section (top left corner of the dialog). This is the default setting.

With this option turned on each time you click to save a wines data when adding a new wine a new dialog "Add Comments or a Tasting Schedule" will appear.

Click on the Comments button, scan the bottles barcode with your scanner and the number will appear at the start of the first line and the dialog should close. If you need to add multiple Neg Tag Numbers, simply repeat this process.

When you're editing an existing wine you can gain direct access to this dialog by clicking the Notes button in the Edit Attached Files section (bottom left corner of Main Edit dialog). You can also get to this dialog from the Page Display window by clicking on the "ABC" button.

Searching by Barcode

You can either click the Text Search button and scan the bottles barcode.
Text Search dialog...
Or with just the main program window open, simply scan the bottle and it will be listed. If using this latter mode and the scanner doesn't register just toggle the WineBars to reset everything.