Buttons and a WineBar!

Most, if not all Windows programs have a row of buttons underneath the menu. These allow easy access to the most used functions of the program. They're usually called a ToolBar, SpeedBar or ButtonBar. In keeping with the spirit of the program I've called the row of buttons on a bar in WineBase a WineBar.

WineBase currently uses five WineBars. Two main ones that you can toggle between by clicking on the first button of each. And three others for the Index Listing (the results of a search), Page Display (details for an individual wine) and the GoldBook (reference data for Australian and New Zealand wines).

Main WineBar

The Toggle button.
List all wines in cellar.
Search and Sort options dialog...
Text Search dialog...
Multiple Field Search dialog...
Add a new wine dialog...

Search by stock Level dialog...
Find wines at their Best Now dialog...
All wines at their Best by year for the next 25 years.
Tasting Schedule dialog...
List all Non Vintage, Young, Improving, Mature and probably past it wines.
Backup data files to a USB drive dialog...
Personal Preferences and Program Settings dialog...

Australian and other Wine Maps - On the WineBase web site.
Standalone GoldBook window.
Program Information.
Graphs and Tables

The Toggle button.
Health Graph and Summary Report.
13 Month Transaction History Graph.
Total Stock and Value - Monthly.
Total Stock and Value - Yearly.
Ageing Graph - The number of bottles at their Best for the next 20 years.
TimeLine of all wines showing where on the maturity curve they all are.
Table - Winery/Label/Variety vs Maturity vs Bottles.
Table - Winery/Label/Variety vs Vintage vs Bottles.
Table - Variety vs Vintage vs Bottles.
Table - Variety vs BestAt vs Bottles.
Distribution by Vintage for all Wines.
Distribution by BestAt for all Wines.
Distribution by BestAt for a Single Field dialog...
Distribution Graphs by - Winery, Label, Variety, Region, User 1, User 2, User 3 and User 4.
Graphs - Show Wines only, Wines + Bottles or Bottles only.
Graphs - Print it.

Index Listing

Zoom by this much.
Export to a Text file dialog...
Export - Web Publish dialog...
Print this Index Listing dialog...
Close this Window.
Page Display

First wine in List, Previous, Next, Last wine in List.
Display Short Comments file.
Show Tasting Schedule file.
Show Attached Text file.
Show Wine Label.
Purchase and Consumption for this wine.
Maturity Graph Options.
Print this Window.
Close this Window.

First wine in List, Previous, Next, Last wine in List.
Start the Search.
Clear all Search Fields.
Print the search results list.
Information for this Winery.
Close this Window.
Status Line

At the bottom of the WineBase window is a Status Line which tells you useful things such as...

What Window is currently being displayed - Contents
What cellar you're looking at - Your Cellar
How many wines in this cellar - 139 Wines
The sort order for all listings - Sort by Price
The date as a reminder that the date is important in WineBase - 04/04/2012

It also provides a useful function in displaying Help text in the form of a description of what a button does when the cursor is over that button. More responsive and allows for much longer descriptions than the usual floating yellow window "ToolTips".

And in an Index Listing a reminder that a mouse has a Left and Right button and WineBase makes good use of both of them.


As the menus simply duplicate the functions available via the WineBar buttons there's probably not much point in going through them all again so I'll just mention the options that are unique to the menus.
Transaction files are created for each month and record all wines added to the cellar, bottles added and bottles consumed. Handy for keeping track on what's happening on a monthly basis. Also used for generating 13 Month Transaction, Monthly and Yearly value and Stock graphs.

A raw data dump of your entire cellar in order of wines entered, including Lost Souls. The Import is simply the reverse. Can be used to import existing data into the program. For creating data that can be used by other applications on such things as iThingies the Export option from an Index Listing is far more usefeul.

The Vintage Charts and Glossary of Terms are currently part of the WineBase.HLP file.

The Help menu has all the usual functions including the three centre ones which take you to this web site.