The Ultimate Cellar Management and Wine Reference Software ™

WineBase costs just AUD$49 (that's $49 Australian) including postage, air mail for overseas orders. This is in the opinion of a lot of people not enough and after comparing the price of WineBase to other packages that are available they may well be right. Now I'm not going to suggest that you select a product on price alone but we all have the right to question what we're actually getting for our money and "Bangs per buck" is the term that comes to mind. WineBase certainly delivers the goods, more bangs and the fact that its also available at a very reasonable price is either a grave error on the part of our marketing team, which would be me or just another bonus for you, the customer.

And just in case you're wondering how much AUD$49 is in real money (your local currency) then you can use the excellent Currency Converter to find out. Please note that your bank will convert AUD$49 to your local currency at the time we process your credit card order using the exchange rate at that time. They may also charge you a small fee for a foreign currency transaction so the debit to your card may differ slightly with whatever the above currency converter indicates.

How do I order?
Quickest way to order is online via this web site using our secure server and your favorite credit card. We are authorised to accept American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard and VISA.

For information on upgrading your existing registered copy of the program... Click Here - News v7.32 update

If you're ordering WineBase as a gift for someone else then please use the Gift order form. Existing registered users of WineBase also qualify for a free update to the latest version when ordering WineBase as a gift for someone else. If you wish the notification message to go directly to your friend then I will need their email address.

Also happy to take orders via email or if you'd prefer by mail with credit card, cheque (drawn on an Australian bank) or money order.

Phone 61 (3) 9580 2100
Postal Almost Vertical Software P/L
PO Box 221
Black Rock VIC 3193
How long will it take?
I do my best to process orders within a day or two of them being placed on the web site but sometimes other things, like my day job get in the way and it may take slightly longer.

What do we send you?
I've have moved to a much better web based delivery method for all orders. This is proving to be far quicker and more reliable than surface mail and for countries that for reasons best known to themselves charge customs duties on all small commercial packets, cheaper for you. Your installation file is placed in a password protected folder on this web site from where you can download and install it. I send you an email notification with nice easy to follow instructions.

Do I keep any data already entered?
Yes, the Registered version installs over the top of an Evaluation version and any wines that you have entered using the Evaluation version will be kept and used by the Registered version.