The Ultimate Cellar Management and Wine Reference Software ™

Craeme Philipson (The Age, Melbourne)

"His efforts are particularly impressive when WineBase is compared with its competitors, none of which are any good and many of which cost three or four times as much."

"I love WineBase. It is very easy to use, and packed with features."

"As I have often said, with software there is absolutely no relationship between price and quality. I have seen some of the other wine programs, and they are lousy. WineBase is superb and I am not alone in my belief. Everybody I know who uses it swears by it."

Charles Nodder (Country Life, UK)

"A few swift keystrokes and I was comparing the merits of half a dozen bespoke cellar management packages, all in the comfort of my own home, as the advertisements say. Among these I found 'WineBase', an entertaining little number, showing excellent colour, from Victoria, Australia."

"I ordered via the Internet ( and two neatly packaged disks arrived by post five days later.

"WineBase is a Windows product and its great stength is the clarity with which it displays the content and condition of your wine collection."

Maragret Rand (WINE, UK)

"But the good news, however, comes in the form of WineBase from Australia. The moment you load this you know you've found something with both imagination and clarity of thought."

"The whole package is well designed. This is fun and it's meant to be fun, but it's also useful; you feel you're getting a lot more out of the software than you have to put in."

"But if you want cellar management software that is intelligent and enjoyable then it's probably worth buying this and ignoring the textbook bits."

Mark Stafford (Australian PC World)

"Be careful: this program is addictive. This is not a warning about the evils of alcohol, but rather a caution that WineBase for Windows can drag you in, making you want to explore and find out everything you can do with it. That's something you can't say for your average spreadsheet.

The on-line Help is, quiet frankly a pleasure to read - it is well structured, engagingly written and cleanly presented.

WineBase achieves what it is designed to do with style and humour - from the Australian flag that flutters on the startup screen, to the DECANT.EXE installation file. Whether you have a home cellar or run a licenced restaurant (big or small), WineBase is highly recommended. If you don't have a cellar already, here is your reason to start one."

Duke & Lynch (The Ex-Ship Catalogue)

"Graeme has been working on his own computer-based wine information system for over five years! We have some expertise in the area. Because of this we have not previously recommended software -'caveat emptor'! We have now found a program that we can recommend without hesitation for any private collector that will be fully supported with upgrades and continuing development.

Written by Victorian Ken Tripp, 'WineBase' is the best software available in the World to the best of our knowledge."

Walter Wombats Column (PC WEEK, Australia)

"While Walter was shamefacedly forced to admit that he'd demolished half his wine cellar in a characteristic binge over Easter, the organisational possibilities the program offered to the remaining half were stunning."

Bob Gollihur (WinOnLine Review Issue 96, USA)

"WineBase is a terrific program that goes far beyond being a database -- this is a thorough and well thought out tool to supervise your cellar and keep track of what you have.

To repeat myself -- if you have a wine cellar, you need WineBase. It's a pleasure to find such a well thought out program."

John O'Halloran (Gold Coast Bulletin)

"Whether you are a private collector with a cellar of wines of which you wish to keep track or a wine maker, you will have to be impressed by the depth of thought and understanding the author of this program has brought to his WineBase.

If you take your wine collection seriously and wish to have a really good means of keeping track of your cellar, WineBase for Windows is definitely for you. Mr Tripp is to be congratulated for adding to the list of world-beating Australian software."

Mark Silver (The West Australian, Perth)

"Connoisseurs and enthusiasts should look no further than WineBase for an application to catalogue their cellars."

Einar Magnussen (Vin Forum, Norway)

"WineBase er enkelt i bruk og svaet hyggelig priset. Tross innvendingene synes jeg WineBase gjor jobben brukbart og satser pa at programmet vil modnes over tid."

Emily Johnston (American Wine Society Journal, USA)

"WineBase is a well-organized personal cellar management program that contains a wealth of information in addition to whatever you put in.

Performance: Excellent
Value: A
Grade: A."

John Hilvert (Australian PC User)

"ViNDATA's cellar management features worked fine but lacked some of the polish and pizzazz of WineBase.

Though hard to be definitive, WineBase went down more smoothly in cellar management."