The Ultimate Cellar Management and Wine Reference Software ™
Opening Screen
Some may describe it as "dated" with it's rounded corner sculptured buttons rather than the big crisp square and often animated ones that are popular on some software but very few people (apart from reviewers) ask me to change something that works rather well. And don't be put off by the blank screen that's left after the colourful animated opening splash screen does it's bit and disappears.

One button click and every wine in your cellar is listed, sorted by whatever you've set as the default. Currently a 4 key sort option of by Winery, then Label, Variety and Vintage but you can sort by just about any field or combination of them. From an Index Listing you can edit or display each wine in detail.

Need to add a new wine, perhaps even the first one as you start to catalogue your cellar with some software that you've never used before then the button is the rather obvious choice.

With the plethora of "wine" software around these days there appears to be some confusion about who first thought of some exciting new feature and when. So at the end of the descriptive text on each of these pages there's a date in brackets when all of the features shown on that page were first implemented in WineBase. (Jun 1993)