Picnic Bay, Nth. Queensland
hosted by Neville Bennett


We live on Magnetic Island (pop 2,700), a continental island 8 kilometres (5 miles) off the North Queensland Coast near Townsville (pop. 130,000). Because of shape of the coastline near Townsville - Maggie Island is actually NORTH of Townsville rather that east which would be the natural assumption one would make. This fact also causes Townsville and this part of the coast to miss out on the rain which comes with the prevailing SE winds and so places us in what is called a rain shadow. This is bad for the garden but great for the tourists who are looking for sunshine on their holidays.

You can visit us at our home page www.ultra.net.au/~picnic and find out about our experience with wine cellars in the deep North and send me email at nev_bennett@ultra.net.au