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I was borne in 1953, and have worked in software engineering field for nearly 20 years in Transportation area and now in EVA Airways. I started to enjoy Wine when I was stationed in London, UK some 14 years ago. Most of the Wines that I had before are French ones and I've started to enjoy Australian wine just very recently.

Regarding the Wine situation in Taiwan, it is quite interesting actually. Taiwan is a small island compared with Australia, but cope to squeeze some 22m people in 36,000 km2 space ! In the past, people here are never realise what is Wine at all. The hottest thing is XO, and some crazy people pour it bottle by bottle just like drink tap water, During past 5, 6 years, a lot of people went abroad for tourist and business and had many chances to enjoy the beauty of Real Wine, and combined with the blooming economical situation, Wine importers are all over the island now.

However, just like the past, most of the Wine drinkers are not fully understand how to take care of and enjoy Wines. It is still need some more time to take proper education -- based on the unnecessary money they spent. I can not estimate that how many Wine importers existed now, because it changes everyday !! The Aussie Wines are not very popular yet and also been sold in crazy price.