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Before we moved to France I loved to drink German beer and did normally not touch any wine, however when I got all the possibilities here in France I started to drink red wine, and I started with a Saint Emilion. I fell immediately in love with this appellation and I started to read and taste more and more from the Bordeaux region.

Now when I am in France I drink wine and when I am in vacation in Germany or Denmark I drink beer.

For six months I have been collecting information on French wine, especially on Bordeaux wine, and publishing this information on my homepages...

I would be delighted if you would visit my pages and give me some feedback for improvement.

Lately I started a wine tasting forum, everybody is welcome to enter some personel wine tasting comments.

I usually visit all Salon des Vins (Wine Expos) in the Paris area to taste new appellation and wineries. I keep contact to some wine distributer/producer as Borie Manoux, Louis Jadot, Taittinger and Bouvet Ladoubay from whom I buy most of my wine.

My personal wine cellar consists of 244 bottles from 37 different wineries which I keep track with the WineBase for Windows.

If you need some information on French wine I will try to help you out or give you some more hints where to look for help.

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